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Photo of Munni Akhtar Lipi

Munni Akhtar Lipi (visually impaired)

Munni Akhtar Lipi lost her eyesight, while she was only two and half months of age, due to severe typhoid. Her father Late Syed Ghulam Sarwar was a constable of the then BDR. Munni’s family consists of her mother, four sisters and one brother. She faced constant obstacles because of her disability. Nevertheless, in 2010, she passed SSC examination from Government blind school, Sagardi, Barisal. After passing HSC in 2012, she went to Badrunnesa Government College and after that enrolled in the Political Science department of Chittagong University. During the second year’s examination, the invigilator took her paper for 30 minutes because she drew a map with the help of her author. However, recently she successfully completed her Master’s degree on Political Science. When asked about her feeling about this project, she said, ’as a women with disability we always have to depend on others in every aspects of life. As a visually impaired person, I did not had access to any sorts of materials that addresses the issue of SRHR, therefore, I always had to depend on my sighted friends or my family members whenever I needed any information. Sometime those were helpful but most of the time they gave information based on their personal experience which were not medically sound at times. But now I have access to few informative and medically appropriate contents that covers most of the day to day issues of female hygiene as well as reproductive health. It is definitely a great help for people like me. I, therefore, thank YPSA and EMK center for taking such an outstanding project’.

District – Madaripur
Country – Bangladesh

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